HEroeS Of THe reaLM

Levexaurix "Vex"


It is said that every person with the aptitude or ability for sorcery has heritage stemming from a true dragon. A testament to the power and lore surrounding such mythical creatures, races born of draconic blood are a wonder and a sight to behold.

Levexaurix, a golden spellscale, came into this world as such a creature – and this is his story.

Born to Entithirixis, a spellscale, and Undarenem, a half-dragon, Vex was raised in a small community of spellscales and dragon-descended that were under the protection of a great golden dragon. Like most of his race, the fledgling boy was a prodigy for sorcery at an early age. Able to cast magic missile by the age of five, Vex was enamored by magic and loved the feeling casting arcane spells brought him. He relished the surge of energy that would course through his veins. It was not the power itself that brought him satisfaction though, but rather the unfettered bond he felt between himself and the weave.

As the power of Vex grew, so did the community's interest in him change. At the age of eight Vex met his future wife. The principle leader of the area felt it best Vex be paired with someone else of considerable arcane talent. Her name was Sigrenta, and she was indeed beautiful. The couple spent the next two years together falling in love and maturing into adulthood. Their marriage was a ceremony to behold, with the great golden making an appearance overhead and blessing them.

As with all things wonderful, Vex's life was interrupted by the malevolent forces of Faerun. An angry chromatic dragon, trying to acquire land for itself in a game that only dragons play and understand, unleashed its wrath upon the spellscale community. The great gold battled the evil dragon, with spellscales helping to defend as well. The fight lasted hours, and horrific magic spilled across the countryside. Sigrenta was killed in the battle.

Emotionally sundered by the loss of his love, Vex said farewell to his friends. As a parting gift, the great gold bestowed upon him a staff imbued with the power of fire as a means to protect himself.

For the next few years Vex traveled around the continent. Meeting with adventuring groups, he signed himself on frequently as an expert in arcane lore, a potent fire cannon, or whatever magical firepower slot needed filling. These various adventures, detailed below, provided Vex with the personae and experience that led to him being the man he is today.

Pre-Campaign Psych Profile

Those capable of magic receive an immediate token of respect from Vex – as those with spellcasting ability are more in tune with the world and the weave and thus to some degree of like mind with him.

Always on the lookout for new experiences, Vex enjoys the beauty and diversity life has to offer. Like his people, he is very curious, paying astute attention to even the most trivial of situations or objects. Vex is introspective, playful, perceptive, cheerful, helpful, and makes a point to do his best not to cast judgment upon other living creatures. It is not his duty to decide who is guilty of evil beyond protecting those who are innocent – which he does so in swift force.

Vex is never sorry for actions he performs. As a point passed down by his people – he refuses to apologize for any action he undertakes. Everything he does is resultant of intention, and even in situations with negative outcomes he feels sympathetic toward, he will express sorrow over the outcome itself and not on his role in the event that produced the outcome. This outlook has enabled Vex to live carefree with little concern for consequences but rather dedicate his focus to helping and motivating others to live for themselves and their future and not dwell upon the past.