HEroeS Of THe reaLM

Shayzala Bellasong


I was born on a cold night under the stars in the month of Nightal. My mother, Malantha Obsidian Bella and father, Namatius Song, were traveling back to my mother’s home in Halarahh, when I decided to enter the world quite unexpectedly.

Just days before, my parents and their traveling party had been attacked by an adult black dragon and only four of them had survived out of the ten who had originally set out. After the attack, they decided to head back to Halruaa, the region where both my parents were from. My mother tells me I entered the world silent, eyes wide, with a look of curiosity and mischief on my face. This silent, mischievous, wide eyed demeanor still describes me to this day, though I see nothing wrong with my mischievous or curious characteristics.

I grew up in the city of Halarahh, where my parents settled after they decided their traveling days were over. After the attack, and my premature birth, my parents opted to put their adventuring days behind them. Though, I secretly believe they yearn to explore again. After my birth, they opened an apothecary and my father became involved in city politics and befriended many of the council elders. Of course, being human wizards, my parents found it easy to lead a successful normal life in this very magical, wonderful city.

I however, find it quite difficult to just live a ‘normal’ life. As a small child I often tested my parents patience. I was by no means a bad child. I did well in school and became very skilled in the healing arts and had many friends. I would often visit those ill or injured to serve and heal them to the best of my abilities. My raven black hair and sapphire eyes often soothed the most tortured soul and made it easier for me to convince them I could help. However, my father wished for me to help my mother run the apothecary, which I felt was just too normal and humdrum.

I would often sneak out of the house and venture the city limits with my friends and lay under the stars, daydreaming of traveling and adventure. I also grew to have an affinity for animals and often spent nights deciphering the thoughts of beasts for fun. When I was seventeen, I began to worship at the temple of Ilmater. I felt connected to this deity, who, opposed cruelty and suffering of others. I yearned to leave the city and end the suffering of those in pain. My parents also revered Ilmater but were more intrigued and reverent of Mystra and Azuth.

My father often spoke to me of the importance of spells and magic and how it had protected Halruaa many times from attacks and that the safest and most effective place for me was here. However, he knew that my heart and spirit longed to adventure beyond the city streets, as he had felt the same way some time ago. So, at the age of twenty, desiring and aching for something more than sitting behind a desk, mixing herbs, I left my home and joined a small adventuring party.

Determined to heal and protect those aligned with the side of good and just, I traveled the lands for many years, building my skills as a healer, and enjoying the rush and satisfaction of helping those suffering and in need who believed in what was right and good in the world.

Pre-Campaign Psych Profile

I am adventurous, kind, caring, curious, stubborn and compassionate and determined to help and heal the suffering. I am also very protective and loyal to my friends and parents. I love animals and enjoy their company…as long as they aren’t trying to eat me. I am gentle but also strong in my convictions and am not afraid to defend those I care for. My healing skills know no racial boundaries though I refuse to heal evil and wicked creatures.

I can be shy at times, taking time to open up to others whom I have just met but when I do open up I can be silly and quite humorous. I love reading spells and magic and engaging in intelligent conversations. I am patient but do have a more difficult time giving those aligned with evil my time or attention. I am very devoted to my diety and believe suffering for others will grant me joy in my afterlife.

Post-Campaign Psych Profile

With one glance of her deep sapphire eyes and a calm warming touch, Shayzala can ease the pain of anyone she comes across. An elite healer and devout follower of Ilmater, she spends her time serving those in their greatest times of pain and suffering. With a servant heart and quick mind, she can overcome any almost any ailment and affliction. Calling upon the strength of her deity, she will place herself in harm's way to save another without hesitation, even if it could result in her death.

Though she loves to travel and adventure, she is looking forward to a much needed vacation. A honeymoon is also in order.