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Jarus Ravendael


A Charming Half-Elf Rogue, friend to everyone, enemy to everyone else. He walks with a swagger not uncommon to his kind, and backs it up with the kind of roguish charm that could woo the iciest barmaid (and frequently has)

Jarus was born to a Human father and Elven mother, a common situation for someone of his half-bred nature. Jarus' name means "Dove Kin" in Elven, given to him by his mother in reference to his fair skin. Jarus' father, Tarn, was a successful merchant living in Shadowdale, the descendant of Drow-owned slaves he made a point to make his ancestors proud and become independently wealthy. Jarus' mother Mylia (Emerald Mistress) was a wood elf, raised in the forests surrounding Shadowdale.

At a young age, Jarus was enamored with the tales of the traveling Adventurers passing through Shadowdale. He would sneak down to the inn and spend long nights listening to the roving band's tales. He spent his teen years learning the skills that would be necessary for the life of an adventurer. Jarus quickly learned that what he lacked in strength he easily made up for in agility and guile, One day at the local inn, Jarus encountered a man who would change his life, a rogue by the name of "Thale", Thale sensed much potential in Jarus and he agreed to train him in the roguish arts. After Jarus turned 17, he traveled with Thale to Amn for training. He spent years under Thale's tutelage, learning the secrets of stealth, trap-finding and lock-picking. Jarus dual-heritage made him a natural diplomat and a cunning swindler.

At the age of 21, Jarus returned to Shadowdale to begin his adventures with his new found skills. The next 4 years went quickly for Jarus, but he gained the admiration of the local adventurers quickly. And while the thrill of adventure is alluring, Jarus finds himself primarily drawn to his adventuring career for the gold, in his heart, Jarus share's his father's self-sufficient desire. If you've got a lock to be picked, a trap to be sprung or a deal to be made, he's always available to help... for a price.

Pre-Campaign Psych Profile

Jarus is a smooth talker and a expert at gathering intel. His lust for gold often leads to his neutral mindset, he'll generally work for anyone, as long as the price is right. He has an extreme prejudice against Drow, resulting from his ancestor's enslavement at their hands. As a half-elf, Jarus makes friends quite easily and is incredibly loyal, in fact his loyalty to his friends is perhaps the one thing that could mean more to him than a large bag of gold.

Through his time of training in Amn, he formed many contacts in the underworld, if there is information to be found, he knows how. He's not the most adept at combat, and he knows that, he often play's up his non-combat abilities and his usefulness in diplomatic and stealth situations to compensate. He's not only agile physically, but also mentally, he often reacts fast with a quip or comeback, often times getting himself into trouble.


Post-Campaign Psych Profile

A smooth talker and an expert snoop, Jarus is a rogue who plies his charm and deft hands to gather intel and secrets. Always vigilant and hyper-aware of his surroundings, he is adept at "creative disarming" of traps and is a highly agile acrobat. Makes friends easily and is fiercely loyal.

Though a mercenary for hire, he has developed a strict moral compass that drives his decisions and he abhors demons, devils and other evil creatures. While not dedicated to any diety, he has begun a personal quest to find his faith, wherever that may lead him.